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Raincoat or Winter Coat, Rain Boots or Fur lined Water Resistant Boots

We will in Amsterdam next week and forecast says in 30s and 40s. Was planning on white puffy coat with fur edged hood and white water resistant fur edged boots. Now I'm rethinking that maybe I need to wear raincoat and rain boots. Leave in 2 days so any suggestions most appreciated. Thanks.

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Would you wear your your white, fur trimmed coat and water resistant boots in your own town if this were the forecast? They may be OK if you’ve worn them with similar temperatures. If you can layer a thin layer under the coat and good wool socks with the boots they might be OK. Be sure to take a scarf, gloves and hat too.

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You leave in 2 days? Go to a Skechers store and buy waterproof rain/winter boots. The brand specializes in comfortable, lightweight footwear and you should try them on before you go. Regular rain boots can offer horrible foot support for all-day walking.

Puffy coat? If that "puffy" is puffed with down, the coat won't work in the rain. You'll be cold and soaked. Wear a wool or flannel lined rain coat.

Pack layers like a thin, merino cardigan. It won't take up much space in your bag but will bring you great warmth. Also pack cashmere or wool-lined gloves, a warm scarf and warm hat. Bring a portable gust-busting umbrella.

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If these fur lined boots and fur edged hoods are genuine fur you may have a welcome you don't expect. Fur in much of western Europe is very un-PC and if it is from certain animals you may have trouble entering the country.

If it isn't from those certain animals then you may get verbal or more from the animal rights crowd if you come across them.

If it is faux fur then it has been all the rage.

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I would dress in layers and leave the puffy coat at home. Chances are it will rain in some form or fashion; use the raincoat as your last layer and it will also work as a barrier to the wind. In addition to the other suggestions mentioned, consider a thin shirt that runners use in cold weather. It will be a good layer that won't bulk you up.
If you have a hood on your raincoat, there is no need in my opinion to carry an umbrella.
Wear good shoes that will support a lot of walking. Take a spare pair of shoes and trade them out every day. They will also take up less space than rain boots. The wool socks will be great; again use a thinner pair under the wool socks to keep your feet warmer.
If you get stuck and wish you would have brought something else to wear, just pick it up in a local department store.
Have a wonderful time!

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Great suggestions! The fur is definitely not real but rain could certainly make it look all droopy. I think I will go with raincoat and layers. And my boots, well I think I will leave those home too. But the coat and boots certainly look spiffy but not in the rain. Thanks for all your help.

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Sue, for my Christmas trips I take a Gore-Tex down parka for cold/snow but also a light raincoat over a puffy down short jacket to wear in heavy rain. (Raincoat from Costco rolls up small and goes on EVERY trip.) Boots are waterproofed with NikWax.

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The " Gust Buster " umbrella idea is good because it's almost always windy in the Netherlands . But with horizontal rain in a windstorm the Gust Buster still leaves your legs vulnerable . I prefer an oversized poncho . Not very fashionable but it works . Or time to dive into a restaurant or store b/c no kind of clothing can withstand everything .

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It is possible to look both spiffy and yet be prepared for the biting cold and rain in Amsterdam--I survived a week there with daytime temps of mid-40s in some Fly London wedge boots--very stable, plenty of traction, perfect for puddles and cobblestones and yet very cute and very comfy, and an attractive hooded, lined Calvin Klein rain jacket that came to the top of the thigh. Plenty of light layers underneath, scarf and gloves and I was fine. Generally a dark color is best for travel, white can get dirty awfully fast.

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Clearly, you don't normally live in a city that gets cold, wet and crappy in January or February. The all-white coat and white boots with fur trim is sounding so very Aspen or Vail, CO in April when it's bright and sunny outside and you are flitting through powdery clean snow on your way to have a glass of white wine at the lodge before heading back onto the slopes.

Amsterdam is not that much different than my own neighborhood in Boston - it can be cold but sunny and dry, or it can be cold, windy, rainy, snowy, foggy, or damp and you spend your time walking around on a whole lot of brick or cobblestoned streets trekking through puddles or a few inches of dirty slush. If you aren't walking, you're taking public transit and sitting on seats that just should not see a pure white coat. If you don't carry an umbrella, or if the rain/snow/sleet is coming in sideways because of the winds, that puffy coat is now wet and feeling about 15 lbs. heavier. Go for a darker coat and footwear - think black, grey or navy.