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Rail/Ferry from London to Amsterdam

Has anyone ever taken the train from Liverpool Station to Harwich, and then taken the ferry operated by Stena to Hoek VanHolland, followed by the metro to Schiedam Centrm and an innercity train to Amsterdam? We have looked at the video online provided by the Man in Seat 61 and it looks like it could be a fun way to travel to Amsterdam from London. Looking for yays or nays.

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We took the Hover craft across the pond. The inside looks like an airplane , seats with seat belts and attendants . Really fast compared to the ferry which takes hours .

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The hovercraft hasn't crossed the channel for decades. When did you go?

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It is the classic route between the UK and the Netherlands, before cheap flights and train became available. I have done it numerous times, although the last time I took the ferry is already some decades ago.
Expect nothing romantic: the main business is trucks. Having said that, I'd say: do it, if only for the idea of having done it the old-fashioned way.

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Years ago, I took a car onto the overnight ferry and slept just fine in a cabin. For me, it was primarily a way to transport the leased car, not otherwise memorable. And of course I visited other towns on either side of the ferry ride; was not trying to just directly connect the big cities. Without that baggage today, I'd fly cheaply from London City Airport, saving time and money to use in the cities.

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Do it. My travels between Ireland, the UK and the continent has always been by ferry and sail/rail options, and I find it one of the most relaxed and enjoyable methods of travel. Did the Harwich to Hoek van Holland overnight ferry back in 2017 and in was very pleased with the service.