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Questions on NS Train Tickets

Good afternoon,

I visited NL last September and had a difficult time purchasing rail tickets from NS, as my debit card didn't have a chip and pin feature.

Does anyone know if NS accepts American chip and pin cards? Is there more than one chip and pin standard that NS machines won't accept?

Also, are day passes still available?

Thank you.

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My experience this week: My US chip cards are just chip and signature. I can't use them in the machines to top up my card. I can go to a service desk and use my chip and signature card to buy and top up. I'm using the OV-chipkaart.

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I wonder why USA chips won't work in NL?

Can you load (via ticket agent) multi day passes for GVB Amsterdam public transport AND train travel?

Thank you.

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Our experience in April: We were unable to use our Schwab ATM card, which is chipped and has PIN, to buy tickets from the NL machines. We were later told that the NL ticket machines use the Maestro system, which Schwab is not on (it has Interlink, PLUS and Moneylink logos). The card did work for machines for French train tickets and for the Vlissingen Ferry.

As an aside, someone was there to advise me to get the "error message" printout (silly me, I was thinking of that as something to show to someone to view the computer problem). This was at Middleburg and we were going to Leiden, with no ticket agents in the station. This happened to be the only time we were ever asked for tickets on a Dutch train, fortunately we had the statement.

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I just went to the manned window upon arrival at the airport and paid the €7.50 for an anonymous OV Chikaart in cash. You have to specify first or second class. Go with 2nd class as 1st is not really worth the added fares. I also put €50 of stored value on it. Once this is done you can pretty much use it on all buses, GVB trams and trains within the Netherlands.

The €7.50 fee pays for itself if you use the rail system a lot since you avoid the €1 single ticket fee. All you have to do is check in and most importantly remember to check out. The real advantage is that this card is valid for 5 years. So you can keep using it if you plan to make multiple trips back to the Netherlands in the next 5 years. When I need to Add value I just go to the window at Centraal or Schiphol and pay in cash. You have to have a balance of at least €20 to be allowed to check in for a train journey.

Just don't lose it or you will forfeit all remaining value since it is not registered and completely anonymous.

Just an alternative that came to mind if you will be a frequent train traveler in the Netherlands and might return to the country several times.