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Purchasing tickets in advance to Rijksmuseum

We are travelling to Amsterdam in early May. Is it necessary to purchase tickets in advance to the Rijksmuseum? We will be there on a Saturday. Thanks!

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I don't think so. At least we have not on two separate trips. I don't remember it being particularly crowded.

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It was a long line about 30 minutes one time in May I showed up with no advanced ticket. I will never show up at any major tourist site without a ticket again that could be bought online

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We got the advance tickets online for a September visit to the Rijks. Why not, it's easy to buy, you print it out at home or take it on your phone, it's not a timed entry, you don't even have to pick the day.

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When I was there (June, a few years ago), my advance ticket saved me from standing in a long ticket line. As I recall I only bought the ticket online a day or two in advance.

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You might check with your hotel if they will be able to sell you advance tickets at the front desk. At our hotel, there was no extra charge for this. As I understood it, they went to the museum's website and ordered the tickets for us using their login. So we got our tickets during a quiet moment at the front desk the day before our museum visit.

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U should be ok early may. We were just there last wk no problem.

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I am here now and the "All Rembrandts" is on display. This is a timed entry so you will definitely need to buy tickets in advance (check a week or 2 before your planned dates). Unfortunately, you cannot buy timed tickets for this special exhibit on the same day. If you do not care to see the All Rembrandts exhibit, then it is not necessary to buy the tickets in advance, you can enter at any time. mention Saturday. I expect weekends to be super busy so buying tickets before you leave will be handy.

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I agree with linlin. I saw the All the Rembrandts on Sunday after I did a general tour with my RS tour group. I had gotten my timed entry several weeks ago. No one else in my tour group got in as it was booked out.

By the way, when they say “All” the Rembrandts they literally mean all of them except the Night Watch which is still hanging in it’s own gallery. This show continues until June 10.

I decided to go back to see more of the museum yesterday so just went to the website from the hotel wifi yesterday AM, purchased, had the ticket on my phone and in I went. The ticket purchase lines were long and I don’t understand why they didn’t use the museum wifi and purchase while they were standing there.

Be sure to download the free Rijksmuseum app before you leave home and bring your earbuds to the museum. The app is quite good.

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Just got back from Amsterdam. Definitely purchase tickets to the Van Gogh museum in advance, bc admission is tied to a particular date/time. Sold out thru end of April or so. I did not buy in advance so we could not go. For the Rijksmuseum, admission to the museum itself is not tied to a particular date, so you wouldn’t have to buy in advance, but the All the Rembrandts exhibit is, so you’re closed out of that if you don’t buy in advance. Having said that - i did go ahead and buy tickets on line to the Rijks (saves a euro) and we showed up right when the museum opened at 9 am. We went straight to the info desk to ask some QQs, and the volunteer there gave us tickets to the All Rembrandt show so that worked out! If you are planning on Saturday, though, I would buy in advance. Have fun!