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Purchasing OV ChipKaart

My family is planning a 7 day trip to the Netherlands next week. We'll using public transit in Amsterdam as well as taking trains to Harlaam and Delft

We had planned to use the TripKey, but it appears that they're still updating their system, so we can't purchase them. It looks lik our other option is the OV Chip-Kaart, but I've found the webiste for the ChipKaart a little confusing.

Can we use these on trains from Amsterdam to Delft and Harlaam as well as Amsterdam transit? And can we purchase them/load them at Schiphol Airport and then use them on the train from the airport the Centraal Station?

Thank you!

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Yes you can use the OV Chip-Kaart on the trains from Amsterdam to Schipol, Delft and Harlaam as well on all the Amsterdam transportation. You have to make sure you scan in and out each and every time. There is a maximum charge if you forget and you can drain the card fast. You can buy them at the machines in Schiphol (chip & pin) or a the train station window(cash or credit) from a person. If I wanted to use my credit card that I didn’t have a pin for to reload the card I needed to go to the window.

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Although this late addition to this thread is no doubt past the original posters timeline, I did want to resurrect this thread to update forum visitors on adding money to the OV Chip Card. In the past, in my experience, we were only successful in buying train tickets or adding money to our OV Chip card with coins or a debit card at machines (although chip and signature CC’s worked fine at ticket counters). Each of those ways are not real convenient. Last week, in Schipol and Central Station, we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to up our OV card with a simple tap of our Apple Watch. I assume using the apple watch will also work to purchase a ticket in those same machines.