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Purchasing Football (soccer) Tickets?

Any tips on how to purchase tickets for a professional football game in late September? I've been going down a internet rabbit hole, trying to search for schedules, understanding if I'm eligible to purchase tickets without a club card, if ticket resellers like StubHub are reputable in the Netherlands, etc. It doesn't need to be a top team/league either. However, I think the women's national team is scheduled to play England in Utrecht when we are there. I'd be thrilled to attend. Any advice appreciated. Some information I've been reading online feels very dated. Thank you.

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When we were in Madrid i purchased tickets for a Real Madrid game through their official website. It was a bit of work finding it but eventually I successed.

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The Netherlands v England game is practically sold out. There are only tickets left for the “limited view” section of the stadium.
Those who have already bought tickets for this match will only receive their tickets in the week before the match. This is done in an effort to stop ticket scalpers buying up lots of tickets to resell at a much higher price. So there are no tickets available on resell-sites.
Should you wish to buy the limited view tickets, this is the official ticket shop website;,%20utrecht?hallmap

For other matches it depends when you’re here exactly and where you’ll stay.

Update: I made progress on this with some help from Reddit and web searching. I was unable to purchase women’s national team tickets for unreserved/limited view because I do not have a Netherlands bank account. Based on other’s experience, I wrote to KNVB (national team offices) and they said they would turn on the credit card function for me. We’ll see if it works :-) Low expectations, but at 10 euros for a ticket, it could be fun atmosphere.

PSV Eindhoven sells specific packages to foreigners, so that may be the easiest way to see a game.