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Port of Ijmuiden to AMS

NCL Jade to dock at the Port of Ijmuiden, outside of Amsterdam at 7 AM.

We are considering taking a flight from AMS at 10:30 AM.
Is this doable?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Good to see you again, Walter.

So if it docks at 7am, how will you arrange to be first off? And if it is late? Or you can't be first off, or your luggage and you don't meet up right away?

It looks like you have 3 and a half hours. Short hop flight = 2 hours ahead deadline, International is 3. Which one?

Half an hour minimum for travel by taxi. Weekend or weekday, in the middle of the rush hour?

What is the impact if you miss the flight? Is there another 2 hours later or is it tomorrow? Can you afford the full priced replacement ticket?

I'm afraid you haven't provided sufficient detail to give a complete answer.

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Nigel, I hate when people use logic to answer my questions................
Thanks for your input. You are of course right.
We will go for a later flight. Makes for a longer day, but it is the "safe" thing to do.