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Places of interest near Sneek

Hi! We will be traveling to the Netherlands in July and staying with my husbands family in Sneek. Can anyone recommend any places of interest near Sneek? Are there any historical places of interest nearby? We will spend a couple of days in Amsterdam. My teenage daughter would like to hop over the German border. Can anyone tell me if there are any interesting German sites or towns that would not be too far to travel from Sneek for just a day?

I would really appreciate any advice!


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Friesland is an absolutely lovely province and there is a lot to see and also a lot to do. There are nice towns, villages and country-side around Sneek to enjoy. One of the places not to miss is nearby Sloten, named Sleat in Frisian, their official language.

I don't live close enough to see myself as a Friesland specialist, but the following can be of help:
So things to do/see: Fierljeppen (pole-jumping over ditches), Skûtsjesilen (sailing with classic ships), Terpen (flood-hills), Beerenburg (bitters), Frisian horses and many, many cows, Eleven City Ice-skating Tour (iconic ice-skating race in winter) , Wadlopen (mudwalking in the Wadden See, for safety reasons only with guide!!), Kaatsen (hand-ball?), and more, like being among the tallest people in the world........ and ofcourse speaking Frisian!

More info also: , select English.

Happy travels!

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Thanks so much for the information Wil!