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phone service in Amsterdam

I will be in Amsterdam this August to take a cruise. I will be spending two nights in Amsterdam.

I might want to make an Amsterdam to Amsterdam phone call such as calling my hotel from the airport or Centraal Station.

Are there still public phones at these places?

I do have a smart phone and my provider can upgrade me to an international plan but it will cost me 15 cents a minute to make a phone call. I may also have the ability to make wi fi phone calls.

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If it will only cost you 15 cents per minute to use your phone then that's what I would do. You're not likely to stay on the phone to your hotel for long. Even a 10 minute call would only be $1.50. 🙂

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I agree with roubrat. I think public phones have gone the way of the dinosaur. I’m in the Netherlands now and going to Amsterdam today so I’ll keep my eyes open. If I see any public phones I’ll report back.

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I’ve been in Amsterdam a week now. I haven’t seen any public pay phones.

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Also agreeing with the others - just use your own phone. Even if it's $1 per minute:

How many calls are you making? probably only a few.

How long are these calls going to be? probably only a few minutes each.

How long will it take you to find a public pay phone? probably a long time, if you can find one at all. (they're being removed all over the world - the expectation, right or wrong, is that everyone now has a cell phone).

If you do find a public pay phone, how much will a call from it cost? probably the equivalent of $0.25-0.50 per minute.

And a bonus: you can program in your hotel's phone number into your phone, so when you need to make that call, all you have to do is press "send." No fumbling around trying to figure out how to dial when you are jet-lagged.
If you do want to do this, make sure to put the number in your phone using the "plus system" - starting the +31 then the local number - so it will go right through.

So, in time, money, and hassle, using your own phone wins.

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Thanks to everyone for your helpful tips and advice.

Unfortunately, Norwegian Cruise line has cancelled my cruise due to supply chain issues.

I plan to go to Amsterdam one of these days but not this August.