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Open Air and Kroller-Muller Museums

Hi, I am just ironing out some details around visiting the Open Air and the Kroller-Muller Museums out in Arnhem and Otterlo respectively, and I am just hoping to check in for a bit more feedback around what the best "approach" tactic might be. Also worth mentioning that the Open Air museum is open daily 10-5, Kroller-Muller is open daily 10-5, but now also on Mondays 12-5. I will be taking a train in from Rotterdam on a Sunday, and will be staying in Otterlo that night. I'm thinking I'll visit one museum that day, and then the other the next. I'm not sure if it make the most sense to do the Open Air museum or the Kroller-Muller museum first? I'll need to land at Amsterdaam Central on Monday.

It looks like it takes about 30 minutes by bus to connect Otterlo and Arnhem, that from Arnhem, it takes about an hour to get to Amsterdaam Centraal, and that it might also be possible to go from an Otterlo station (Ede Wageningen) but that this last one seems likely to involve a longer train ride with connection through Utrecht? I'm basing myself off of the RS books, and Google maps...but would also value input about how to make this efficient, given that I'll be lugging my bags around...

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!

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