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One dai Amsterdam

Hi everybody!

We are staying at Ámsterdam for one day before our embarkation to the Baltic. We are a family with 5 young adults ( between 19 and 23 )
What would you suggest us to visit ?

Thank you very much!!
Luz Elena

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The biggies are the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum, and the Anne Frank House - look into getting advanced tickets so you don't waste a lot of time standing in line. Also worthwhile is the Dutch Resistance Museum (which will have a much shorter line than the others). You'll also want to spend some time just wandering around the beautiful canals!

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Our favorite was the Anne Frank Museum, but unless you have advance tickets then you most likely will have a lengthy wait. (ours was about 90 minutes, but well worth it) Another museum we loved was: "Our Lord in the Attic". You can tour it at your own pace and it's not large. I believe that it is still open for families to tour, but is currently closed for large school groups.

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With one day, I would pick one of the above recommended options, two max, and spend the rest of the day enjoying the city. Take a meal or two along a canal, get lost in the Jordann, consider a walking tour of the city, and going for a bicycle ride are all great considerations. I love Amsterdam and cannot wait to return.


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I agree with the advice to just wander and explore the city. If you have just one day, especially, --and if the weather is fair--stay outside and just take in the walking. Take a look at Ricks' walking tour options--that will get you around a good part of the city to see the canals and neighborhoods.

If you have to spend time inside, the Rijks is lovely. We got there before 10am and had no line and zero waiting; the Resistance Museum is also a very well curated museum that takes about 90 minutes to explore.

There is an Albert Hijn grocery store near the Rijksmuseumj/museumplein and you can get food for a picnic there on the museumplein green, or take it over to Vondel Park to picnic.

Stay outside and just wander and take breaks to snack and sip and people watch.