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Now that the Rijksmuseum is included, is the I Amsterdam City Card a better value?

I've read many posts that the I Amsterdam City Card isn't a very good value (the Museumkaart seems to be the more popular choice). Now that entrance to the Rijksmuseum is included, has anyone's opinion changed?

Also, is it true that if you pre-pay for the City Card but wait to pick it up in Amsterdam..... you can't pre-book the Van Gogh? I was assuming that once I bought the card, I would receive a voucher with a number to use for pre-booking museums and attractions.

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Having just returned from a week there, check out the Holland Pass. We thought it was perfect!

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What the best option is, depends on the length of your stay and the things you want to do. The City Card gives you more possibilities, but is valid for fewer days. With a somewhat longer stay concentrated on museums, the Museumkaart is the best choice.
You can pre-book the Van Gogh Museum for free with both the Museumkaart and the City Card. Go to the »Plan your visit« page. Select date and hour. Press »Tickets«. Go to »More options«. Select the appropriate card.