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No more day ticket/unlimited travel tickets for one day?

Hello, used to offer a ticket for unlimited train travel within one day. I believe it was about €50.

With the compulsory OV chipkaart, have they gotten rid of the unlimited card?

I've been scouring the website and am not finding anything.


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It looks like they have totally revamped the price structure. It's mentioned that various "passes" can be added to a "permanent" chipkaart, but I haven't found a list of those. This link looks most relevant regarding ticket prices:

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I hope they didn't get rid of pairing them with an anonymous card.


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You can still buy a "dagkaart" and have it loaded on an anonymous OV-Chipkaart. A 2nd class day card costs € 51. It gives free train travel for a whole day (technically, until 4AM the morning after you first validate it).

You need to check-in and check-out on totems or gates when you are taking your trips, you can't just check-in early in the morning and forget about checking out until you are done for the day, this will yield you a fine for improper use. So check-in and check-out everytime you complete a journey.

The public transportation day pass that gave unlimited national-wide rides on both trains and local trams/buses/subways has been abolished.