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New Thalys digital proof rule for travel to Amsterdam

Fellow travelers: We're all vaccinated and from the US. I've booked Thalys from Paris to Amsterdam for Sunday morning, August 8. This is the first day of the new rule when Thalys requires a digital certificate of vaccination for passengers. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about whether the paper CDC cards will work. I've tried their website and to call Thalys but they had already closed for the evening.

Thanks all!

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I would go in person to ask at the Thalys ticket services window at Gare du Nord tomorrow morning if you do not get an answer here. And if you can not use the CDC card than go get a Covid test at a pharmacy. They cost 29 euros. That is how I got a EU certificate to travel from France to Italy a little over a week ago.

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Great suggestion jazz+travel! Am going to Amiens tomorrow from Gare du Nord anyway so will go ask at thalys window. Yes, and good to use a test as back up. 25Eu each but I guess in the big scheme, not a big deal.

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Just to give an update:
I asked a conductor of a Thalys train a few days before our trip ( I couldn’t find an office per se) and he assured us paper cdc cards were adequate.

We took the Thalys this morning. Prior to boarding they scanned our train tickets. Later, after the journey started, conductors asked for COVID papers. We pulled out our CDC cards and passports but they were barely glanced at.

They did announce several times during the journey that face masks were mandatory and it seemed like people were very compliant.

So now we are here in Haarlem without any problems!