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New Taxes in Amsterdam

When I clicked the link... I have to be honest, I thought it would reveal a big increase, but if I were to look back at some of the places I stayed in the US for Business, this is nothing. In the US I am well aquainted with booking a room and adding sales tax, local option tax, city tax, tourist tax, all totaling much more than the ~12% total this rolls up to. (Try a New Orleans hotel)

The only disappointment I have is that the only solution to over-tourism seems to be taxes and fees, or limited availability. Both favor the people with money (taxes obvious, availability goes to the highest bidder) cutting out the traveler I tend to be.

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That is the way it goes; but even the original local people that live there can't afford it and are forced out look at New York and Chicago and San Francisco. Tourist attraction cities need money to clean up and for security.
You have to try to start making more money.

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€3 per person per night, nothing!
As the article says, in many cities it is more. In many places it is included in the quoted charge The price is final, all taxes included), so you do not see it.
In Swiss cities the hotel tax pays for, amongst other things, for the free city transport pass you get when you stay in a hotel.