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New? Coronavirus Entry pass for visitors

Just saw this. Does anyone have real life experience doing this? These requirements would stop me from having to test everyday while I'm in the Netherlands.

Here's what I gather Non EU /US visitors need to do:

When you arrive in Amsterdam, go to the Coronavirus Entry Pass Desk outside and to the left of Amsterdam Central Station
Present your passport and official proof of vaccination.

If approved, you will be given a vaccination approval code that is good for 14 days.

OK, that seems simple enough
,but then step 2 says:
Get a Corona Virus test, If you are negative, you will be sent a retrieval code
Then enter the retrieval code in the coronaCheck app

Then you are good for 14 days. And I guess you just show that QR code at museums and restaurants.

Any clarifications? Real- life experience with this? What am I missing? Looks like I have to test ONCE and then if negative, I am good for 14 days.

If this is true, I am looking forward to not having to test everyday while I am in the Netherlands.

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Thanks Gail, I had not seen that!

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My flight to Portugal from US has a connection in Amsterdam, so I've been paying attention.
As a side note, I find their government site confusing.

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"As a side note, I find their government site confusing."

I literally burst out laughing at that. I've tried looking at their site and at the Belgium government site and find the same thing. I can wade thru the French site, lol.

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"As a side note, I find their government site confusing."

Pam and Gail, I'm glad I'm not the only one that found both the Belgian and the Dutch government sites confusing to wade through all of the restrictions and exceptions. I've been trying to sort things out for my April trip and both sites have me feeling a bit overwhelmed. When I visited Spain last fall, their goverment site was so much easier to navigate! I hope you all have safe trips!

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My flight to Portugal from US has a connection in Amsterdam

If it is just a connection, meaning a couple hours, then no problem. Just a couple forms to fill out. Look at details on the Schiphol website:

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Interesting. We will be in Amsterdam May 12-16. I was just looking for Van Gogh tickets, right now will will need a negative test to enter the museum. I sure wish the US would enter the EU DCC. We will be spending 3 weeks in Germany. I'll check back after February 25th. When we re-booked our trip last fall- had to cancel 2 years ago- we weren't even sure we could get into the Netherlands without a 10 day quarenteen.

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As of today, you no longer need to show anything but a valid ticket to enter museums in the Netherlands. The requirement to show a COVID certificate is dropped for everything except large events or venues with > 500 people and no designated seating. So you don’t need to show a COVID certificate to enter a museum, restaurant, (movie)theatre etc. But you do need to get tested if you want to attend a rock concert with standing room only.
So for the average tourist this means they no longer have to worry about the Digital COVID certificate.