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Netherlands vs Sicily

Hi to everybody,
Our holiday time us towards end of September and beginning of October; that's why...Netherlands or Sicily? I'd like to visit both of them but for obvious reasons I can't! I've never been to Sicily and only once to Amsterdam in July 1994 and loved it! I always said I'll ve back one day and here I am and can't decide between the two of them. I love Northern countries and really really would like to see a bit more, in this case more of the Netherlands. So folk would advise to visit up there even if Summertime's gone? We're driving off from Italy and love the country side and also the sea side. We'll also pay a visit to Amsterdam of course but then off we go😉! Thank you for your suggestions. Cheers. Val

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How much time do you have, and where exactly will you be prior? There're a lot of details missing that would make a difference.

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I agree that more info would be good. The major plus for Amsterdam/Netherlands is that this may be your best chance to see the capital city without crowds. The major plus for Sicily is that there will likely be a lot fewer rainy days, though total rainfall may not be all that different.

The temperature will probably be extremely different. Sicily's high temperature averages at least 10 Fahrenheit warmer than Amsterdam (you could have some days that are warmer than you'd like), and the average low temperatures are more than 15 F apart. If you've been in Italy for some time at this point, you undoubtedly can judge how you feel about sightseeing when the temperature is over 80F (27C).

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My personal choice would be Sicily, but I think it needs at least 10 days to 2 weeks to do it justice. If you only have a few days, then Then I'd go for the Netherlands.

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I would go with Sicily. If you have less than 10 days pick one side of the island. I’d suggest Siracusa, or if you prefer large cities Palermo, but there are tons of options.

My reason would be weather. I dislike sightseeing in rain, but moderate heat doesn’t bother me. Plus it would likely be warm enough to swim in the Mediterranean, which is amazing.

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Thank you to you all!
Look I am in love with the British country/sea and I am sure I can find this in the Netherlands too. I've been in Amsterdam back in 94 and promised to myself I would go back because I loved it and wanted to see more. Now Covid19 could be a stop to this but I just wanted to hear some personal advise on top of the material I find on the web for example about Friesland.
Weatherwise I guess I'd be better off with Sicily of course and with Covid19's regulation also but...yeah, the North always attracts me. Sorry, I know I'm inconclusive but I'd just like to be everywhere if only I could...😉