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netherlands - natioal windmill day

has anyone been in Holland for National Windmill Day ?

Is it worth spending the two days?

Are there best places to visit the windmills?

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I enjoyed seeing the flags on all the windmills. Some had bigger queues than others, but at none were they particularly onerous.

The best place is probably near where you are. Where will you be?

A large array of windmills is at Kinderdijk east of Rotterdam. I don't know which of these opens for National Windmill day, though.

I've enjoyed a row of windmills north of Haarlem north of the ship canal. There used to be 2 or 3 open there, but it has been a few years.

Enjoy the windmills!!

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Some 950 of about 1200 wind- and also watermills will be open coming National Mill Day (9th + 10th of May). I think its interesting to visit/see different kinds or types of windmills, like those of Kinderdijk what Nigel already suggests and those for industrial use on the well-known site of Zaanse Schans. The five highest windmills can be found in the city centre of Schiedam (near Rotterdam) and were used for the production of jenever (Dutch gin).

More rare in The Netherlands are the so called “standerdmolens” or post mills you can find for instance in the nice historic centre of Heusden, 65km south of Utrecht, but to be found also in Bruges, Belgium. . And the Open Air Museum near Arnhem has I guess 5 different types of windmills in a nice setting. has an extensive database, use a translator tool as its only in Dutch. Many mills are in use during Saturdays, most run by volunteers and likely free to visit, but be carefull for the wings for not getting "een klap van de molen".