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Netherlands Museumkaart Registration

Has anyone bought a museum card in the Netherlands recently and attempted to register it so that it can be used beyond 5 visits?
I understand you can buy the card at your first museum (and that counts as the the first visit, like it or not). And then apparently you go online to the Museumkaart site and register the card. Can you pay this fee with a credit card? Or do you have to have a Dutch bank account like you have to have to buy the card online? They're obviously trying to make it difficult (if not impossible) for non-residents to get the best out of this thing. I've been making reservations at museums saying I have a museum card and it's a bit stressful not knowing if I'll have one or not. Another question I have is whether they will send the card to a hotel. I know they have in the past but it seems like they're getting pickier. Just wondering if anyone has tried this lately? It seems to be a big headache and I'm starting to think I should have just bought tickets instead of reservations at the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh. But if I can manage to register and have the card sent to my next hotel, it would definitely be a good thing.
thanks - Don in San Francisco

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When you want to register the museumkaart, you’ll need to provide a European bank account number, or IBANnumber. This bank account is needed to allow the Museumkaart organization to withdraw the yearly card fee from your bank account. You can’t pay this fee with a credit card.

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From what I understand, the Museumkaart is really meant for residents, not visitors ... if you are a visitor you can purchase a temporary card that gives you the 5 admissions at any of the sites that accept the card ... I also have made reservations (which are free) saying I have the card, which I plan to get at my first site ... while I have no first-hand experience with this process, I have not read anywhere there are issues with getting the temporary card and using it the 5 times (including the place you purchase at) ... I'm not worried about it.

However, I kinda like the idea ... give a visitor a little taste of all the museums there is to offer and maybe they'll go to more than the 5 places and pay the full admission, all the while providing a nice benefit to their citizens ... the concept is the same as what retailers do with their sale pricing ... bring in the shopper looking for that advertised deal, hoping they will add to their cart some additional items at full price.

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That's what I was afraid of: a Dutch Bank account is needed to pay for the registration. I guess things have changed since Rick was there last. I'm wondering what the new edition of his guidebook will say. I can't imagine he still recommends it.
I guess the only thing to do is to use the card for museums with the highest entry fees. Anything over 13 euros would be worth using the card for, it seems. I think it currently costs 65 euros. I wish they would offer something for visitors at a higher price that's good for more than 5 trips.
Well, I guess I'll be buying more than 1 card! Or crossing a lot of museums off my list. Oh well. Thanks for the information.