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Need Help trip planning 7-10 days starting and ending in Amsterdam

I am heading to Uganda again in October for a charity and will be flying through Schiphol. I am thinking of using miles and upgrading my flight experience(27 hours of travel time is painful!) and having my husband join me in Amsterdam for 7-10 days. We have never been anywhere except Italy on our lovely RS tour. The budget is vastly tighter this time, so I would love your thoughts on this. We live in Edmonds, Rick Steve's town :-) and are used to soggy fall, and suspect that is the same weather we would encounter. Some specific questions are below, but feel free to chime in with any advice you may have. We are just starting to think about this. I won't be going to Uganda any time in the summer months, so fall is my season no matter what. It would be nice to mix a little vacation in the trip.

Is October a reasonable month to travel

Spend a few nights in Amsterdam and move to another location? (Note, we have to get back to Schiphol)

Suggestions on sights/itineraries?

Any must dos or don't?

Budget tips?

Thank you in advance for your assist!

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hey cheri,

i've been to AMS many times and at different times of the year. october is hard to predict weather wise. generally, mild during the day and a bit chilly at night. rain? maybe? probably at least one day of 7 to 10 days there.

shouldn't be crowded which is a plus. you could easily spend the whole time in the city. or you could take trains to other cities in belgium, germany, netherlands, france. me personally, i'd do amsterdam and maybe one day trip to somewhere else.

sights? the whole city! i loved just walking and if you see something that interests you, stop. the lack of an itinerary can also be good

as with most big cities, it can be expensive. for a budget, breakfast should be included in room, lunch you can just grab as your walking around the town on the cheap. maybe splurge for a nice dinner here and there.

bring good walking shoes and good rain gear.

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Amsterdam is an expensive city so prepare for that. Since you've never been there (and since I love the city!), I'd suggest spending all your time there with a few daytrips.

Do you like museums? Visit the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, as well as the Anne Frankhuis and the Dutch Resistance Museum.

The Red-Light District is something to see. Amsterdam's Old Church is here, and has contemporary art exhibitions. Damrak, with its many souvenir shops, sex shops, and fast-food joints, takes you to Dam Square with Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, the Koninklijk Palace, and the war memorial. Chinatown is interesting also, and of course has great food. There's a 17th-century Catholic church, called Church of Our Lord in the Attic, hidden inside an average house. It's left over from the days when Catholics had to practice their religion in Amsterdam in secret.

The city is very walkable and it's pleasant just to stroll by the canals.

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Thank you both for your suggestions. Any tips on budgeting? What day trips would you suggest? I am guessing from your responses that a week is more than enough time to get a feel for the city. We love museums and also just walking about and catching the feel of the neighborhoods.

Thank you so much for your help!