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Need advice before I book nights

I finally booked air tickets for my trip to the Netherlands. I found a great round trip price to Brussels. I actually fly into Amsterdam and TRAIN into Brussels and vice/versa. I was hoping to just stay in Amsterdam on arrival, but after research it seems like taking the train may be mandatory. If it is possible to stay in Amsterdam on arrival, it appears that I will have to arrive by train from Brussels to get my flight home. I only have 8 nights for my trip. I was thinking to stay in Amsterdam first...3 or 4 nights and then Harlaam 3 or 4 nights, with the 8th night in Brussels and catch the early train back to Amsterdam for the flight home.
I'm thinking about splitting my time between Amsterdam and Haarlam because I like smaller towns and scenery, but also want the convenience of touring Amsterdam sites close to "home." However, I'm not sure it's worth it to change locations.
On the last full day of our trip, I thought that we could fit in sites on the way to Brussels, such a Kinderjilk. Can you suggest an day itinerary, traveling by train to Brussels? If there would be time, could I fit in a few late day/evening hours to walk around Brussels?

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Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
01/21/19 02:48 PM
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Checkout KLM's official site for all the details:

Have you followed up with KLM to determine if you MUST take the bus? The wording in this post suggests you have not.

You should get that issue resolved first, then try to figure out your itinerary.

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Brussels is not the most agreeable city in this part of the world, but they do have some wonderful museums. If you want to visit it, I would strongly advise you to do it at the beginning of your trip, and certainly not as a last night before flying back home. The slightest mishap on the train and you'll miss your flight.
Fitting in Kinderdijk on a trip from or to Brussels is possible, but it comes with the hassle of storing you luggage somewhere. For a different experience of the Netherlands you could stay in Dordrecht, a historical city which is consistently overlooked by foreign visitors. In season it has a direct ferry service to Kinderdijk, which is great fun.
You do realise that Haarlem is only 15 mins from Amsterdam with at least 4 trains per hour? Stay either in Amsterdam or in Haarlem.

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Friends of mine stayed in Haarlem for their trip to A'dam. They don't mind being out from morning till evening. I like to be able to go back to my room during the day, though I don't necessarily do that every day. Haarlem will be cheaper for sure.

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we stayed in Zaandam, a suburb if you will of Amsterdam - a 15 minute train ride to Centraal Station.
Everything is so close I would select an accommodation that fits your needs and plan to be gone all day.
That worked well for us and when we got tired, we found a cafe and took a break.
Have fun!

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Stay in Amsterdam and then move to Leiden for a smaller city, beautiful town with so much history including the Pilgrims.

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KLMs official word is that if I don't do all the legs of the trip (air and train) that the rest of the legs will be canceled. Thanks all for the advice. If anyone has ever done it differently, please let me know! I got an airbnb a 20 minute walk from the Haarlam train station and a little further to the main Haarlam sites. I am hoping it won't seem too far each day to transportation. (10 minutes by bike, which are provided free) We will stay in Haarlam for the whole time, except for the night(s) I must stay in Brussels.

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We stayed in a hotel in Haarlem and took the train most everyday to Amsterdam, 20 minutes. So easy! Haarlem is a town with a sizeable population but has a more relaxed vibe. There are wonderful museums and restaurants. We liked it better than staying in Amsterdam.

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I need advice too! We have 5 nights in Amsterdam and we have never visited so trying to decide on location of hotel. Want to be close to things but do not want a lot of noise either. Good bed and walkable area with restaurants is important. Thanks!

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“I need advice, too”

You will get more responses if you start your own thread. Also be precise about the advice you need. How many are you? What is your budget for hotel room? Any mobility issues? You get the idea ......