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museumkaart vs Amsterdam City Card


Museumkaart vs Amsterdam City Card

If my #1 priority is to skip/minimize lines at museums, is one card preferable over the other? We will be in Amsterdam 8/30 to 9/4. Thank you!!
Roberta Schlechter
Portland, OR

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If your #1 priority is to skip/minimize lines at the museums, your best bet is to reserve tickets online now. Frankly, you may be too late, especially for the Anne Frank House as they sell out of online tickets months in advance. The next best thing is to show up before 8:00 at the Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum, as both have lines the easily exceed 2-3 hours during the day. The passes do nothing for that at those museums. They both open at 9:00 and your wait will be just over an hour, which is very reasonable from my observations. The Rijksmuseum allows direct entry for pass holders (and a special line if it gets busy). None of the other museums have lines to speak of.

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I used the Museumkaart- did the cost analysis and it was the better deal for me.
There were no waits anywhere really other than Van Gogh.

Van Gogh has late hours on Friday and Sat open til 10 we walked right in on Friday about 7- any other time I passed the entrance there was a very very long line.

I let it go too late and did not book Anne Frank so skipped that this trip- waits there were long all day right up til closing in the pm!

(I just happened to see Van Gogh is closed on Sept 4- so the Fri night option will not be available to you- best to book an entrance time instead or get there before it opens as Douglas has suggested)

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The Amsterdam City card doesn't include the Rijksmuseum which is a big one. I just got back from Amsterdam about a week ago. I would reserve a time for the Van Gogh museum. With the Museumkaart we still waited well over an hour in line. The Anne Frank House took us about 4 hours between waiting in line and the museum and we got in line about 7:30am. There is no good time to go. Our hotel was really close and every time we walked by, the line was very long. I missed a timed ticket by about two days.

There is no wait at the Rijks, reserve a time for Van Gogh, and unless you have a timed ticket for Anne Frank, you are in for a long wait regardless. Personally if my #1 priority was to skip the lines, both options are useless in my opinion and I felt it was a let down and a waste. That's my #1 priority as well when traveling, to not waste time in lines. None of the other museums besides those two had a wait. Hope this helps.