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Museumkaart followup


Can someone help me with this confusing info?

RS book says must get this pass in person at first museum you visit. BUT, you need to purchase your tickets for Anne Frank, Van Gogh in advance on line. So if you pay for a ticket and a time slot on line and can't get the pass until you get to the museum, then how do you save, how does that work?

We plan on these museums: Anne Frank, Van Gogh, Stedeljik, Rijksmuseum, Kroller Muller. Maybe the Hermitage and new Kerk, attic church, maybe.


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If you plan to get the Museumkaart, you order the online tickets indicating you have a Museumkaart. Then you purchase a Museumkaart in person at a museum on the list once you arrive.

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For the Anne Frank Huis it is straightforward: after having selected date and hour, you scroll down the list of ticket options, and you'll see "Museumkaart" with the price of EUR 0,00.
On the Van Gogh Museum site, you'll have to look for it: after having selected date and hour, you come at the "Book your tickets" page. There you have to select "More options" to see "Entrance Museumkaart" at, again, the price of EUR 0,00.
If I remember correctly, the Van Gogh Museum has a EUR 0,50 reservation fee.

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Wow, thanks so much! It's
an unusual way of doing things. Your explanation clears it all up.

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A little bit unusual, indeed. The entry already being covered by the Museumkaart, you are only »buying« a reservation.