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More Keukenhof Gardens Combi Tickets Available

For those who bought tickets leaving from a town other than their preferred departure more tickets are available. We're staying in Haarlem and there were no combi tickets available so we bought some leaving from Leiden, which made for a much longer day. On a whim I checked today and there are many combi tickets available leaving from Haarlem. Note that on some days they're for Bus 50 which leaves you a 12 minute walk from the Gardens and that on other days they're for the express bus which takes you to the entrance. I purchased tickets from Haarlem on the express bus and sent an email to [email protected] with our order number requesting cancellation and received a response in a few minutes notifying me that our refund will take 1 - 3 days. We're feeling much better about our day in Keukenhof!

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