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mobile scooters on trams

Do the Trams and trains throughout Amsterdam have provisions and allow mobile scooters for someone who needs them at they arrive at their locations. we are considering renting one for my husband who is having trouble with walking long distances. thanks for any suggestions and info

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Buses and trains do, I don't believe that trams do. The trams stop at very narrow island platforms, too, which I would expect are difficult to navigate on a mobility scooter. That said, they are low floor and very close to the platforms so if he could walk on and off and somebody could hoik the scooter on and off perhaps. Local knowledge required here.

Most of my knowledge is based on Utrecht which is different of course to Amsterdam.

So now I have gone to the horse's mouth and found that what I wrote above is not completely correct.

The GVB - Amsterdam transit company - has a page on their website devoted to where wheelchairs and scooters can be used, the size requirements and restrictions, including which platforms are unusable. Go to