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I realize that people from many countries were killed on MH17--and my thoughts are with all of them and their families--but I wanted to offer my condolences to the Dutch, who lost so many in this mindless tragedy.

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It would be nice if RS would add a comment on MH17 and the Israeli/Palestinian war as well since he was just there within the last year doing a show for PBS.

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Just two years ago Ukraine was considered stable enough to co-host the third most important sporting event in the world after the Olympics and the WC: Euro 2012. Very sad that things can unravel in such a short time span. Just as sad is that Russia will be hosting the next WC.

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Thank you for posting this, Eric. Mindless is the perfect word. Between this and the Israeli/Palestinian war, I can barely stomach international news right now.

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Condolences to all who lost family/friends/co-workers on MH17.
And also to those in Israel ...Chani, are you okay?

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My thoughts and prayers are also with all of those who lost loved ones in this terrible tragedy. I suspect this incident will have many ramifications in the future.

As Sarah mentioned, between MH-17 and the situation in Gaza, I also have limited tolerance for watching the news these days.

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A very thoughtful article in Time Magazine. Thank you for the link.

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Thanks for the link to the Time article. I have some dear friends in the Netherlands. I was pretty sure that they were in Scotland, but until the passenger list came out I held my breath a bit. They were fortunate; they did not lose and close loved ones. But I think, as it was with 9/11 they know someone who was affected. I was stunned when I found out that a former work colleague was on the flight out of Boston. I had lunch today with another work colleague who too was working for an investment firm at the time and they took on the Cantor Fitzgerald customers and family accounts. So, it is that even though some of the reactions are different, the connections will be the same, and the heart hurts.