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Living in Amsterdam for two months

I am planning to travel to Amsterdam the third week of August 2022 and to stay there for two months. This is to fulfill a dream of living in another country. Anybody have any suggestions about finding the Best area to look for a place to stay and how to rent an apartment. Is there a way to do this without using Airbnb or VRBO? Any other suggestions or comments anyone has about living in Amsterdam or nearby.

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Yes, there are other options than AirBnB or VRBO, for example, or plenty of local agencies in Amsterdam.

Not sure how much you have looked, but you might get some sticker shock when it comes to cost. Amsterdam is a very popular place for both visitors and people who want to live there. While not part of the dream, you might look at smaller towns near Amsterdam with good transport connections.

As the previous poster indicated, probably would have better luck looking at an ex-pat site.

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One of the visitor sites has a discussion about Living in Amsterdam. There is a button for Living in Amsterdam.

It might be I Amsterdam. Next time I am doing some more research, I will look for it.

As another poster said, prepare for sticker shock. Amsterdam is very expensive. You might want to consider one of the communities right outside Amsterdam.

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Shoshana, you are one lucky person to live abroad. When we visit Amsterdam we stay in a hotel near the Jordaan district. It is a very nice area with cafes, restaurants & museums. Also very close to trams stops. I'm sure there are many places a bit further out of the city center you might enjoy. Best of luck to you in your travels.

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There are likely many expat resources for finding housing, as so many people live in Amsterdam for fun in their twenties. If I were looking, I would look further out from the inner rings of the city. The Jordaan is nice, but will be very expensive. Try the De Pijp neighborhood, or any neighborhood south of the Singelgracht canal. Remember you will have a bike, so getting any distance in a short time is easy, which frees you to seek housing in a bigger radius. I would not look at airbnb, verb or booking.