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Last minute Netherlands itinerary with a toddler

My husband, 2 year old, and I will be staying in the Netherlands for a week starting Sept 6th and I am just getting around to my itinerary. It will be a relaxing trip and I am trying to play it by ear so that we can take advantage of any warm weather days (we are currently in Bonn, Germany and the weather this month has been terrible, so I am prepared for bad weather). We are driving and renting an apartment in Zandvoort. Will probably take the train to Amsterdam and Haarlem to save the driving hassle.

Rough itinerary: 6 days (Sept 7-12, not counting arrival and departure day)

Day 1: relax in Zandvoort; if good weather, spend time at the beach, if bad weather, day pass to indoor pool/water park at Centre Parc resort
Day 2: Amsterdam: arrive by train in morning; city walk; lunch in café (Leidsplein); take toddler to Vondelpark (hoping there is a playground); toddler naps in stroller while we tour Van Gogh museum. Possibly boat tour in late afternoon, or just head back to Zandvoort.
Day 3: Amsterdam: Jordan walk to Anne Frank house (or tram to Anne Frank and reverse Jordan walk back?). Lunch (location?). Walk/explore while toddler naps in stroller, eventually making our way to NEMO. Possible late afternoon boat tour, or return to Zandvoort.
Day 4: Haarlem: city walk/explore. Possibly just a 1/2 day.
Day 5: Linaeushof (15 min. drive from Zandvoort - kids/toddler park).
Day 6: free day (country side?)

My only must-see is the Anne Frank house. I'm wondering how long the entrance/ticket line will be in early September? With a toddler, I can't really afford to stand in line very long, but would like to keep our schedule as flexible as possible. Ideally, we would be there late morning. I've probably answered my own question but, would you recommend reserving a time, or just risking it and showing up? I know that a stroller will not be an option in the museum, but I'm hoping there will be a place in the entrance to leave it? Also, how large do they mean when they say 'no large bags'? Would a large purse be ok?

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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After reading a recent post about how far in advance the Anne Frank tickets are booked, I went ahead and ordered some. We are now tied to doing Anne Frank at 4:30 on our first day. So my Amsterdam days will need to be revised. Perhaps keep the plan for Amsterdam day 1 but eliminate Van Gogh (move to day 2) and go from Vodelpark to Anne Frank with toddler napping on the way. Or perhaps there is enough time to add Anne Frank onto the end of day 1.