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KLM cancels my flight

Had a trip planned leaving June 20 and returning July 8. Was surprised that KLM cancelled the flight last week. Although I figured it might happened, this seemed a bit premature. Any one thinking Europe might be open to the US later this summer...July? August?

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Kaye, early cancellation of your flight is actually a good thing. It enables you to get the refund process going on the airline tickets and other reservations right away.

I have given up on predictions. I just don't know anymore what will happen next.

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Any one thinking Europe might be open to the US later this
summer...July? August?

Not me. When it does reopen, the circumstances will likely depend by country (just like in different states in the US). Your flight cancellation is a signal in itself. Luckily, you can get your money back quickly and don't have to be in limbo.

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It is possible that the canceled flight has to due with more limited flights moving forward once restrictions are lifted. No one expects demand to keep pace with pre-virus levels. Did KLM assign you a new flight option? You can always deny that option and get a refund without penalty, or you could accept their rebooking if you still hope to go.

My guess is that travel restrictions will remain through at least early summer. Even if nations begin to lift domestic shelter orders, there will be a concern that international travel will re-introduce the virus from other parts of the world. I think these restrictions are going to be around for most of 2020.

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Well, we are scheduled on KLM in September. Sorry to hear about your cancellation. I am not surprised. Unfortunately we are resigned to future cancellations. There are so many unknowns. Take care.

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FWIW, I think travel will start resuming around July 1st, although potentially with restrictions that some travellers may not like.

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Europe is being more realistic about the recovery time than Trump. Any European news is suggesting that we are months and months away from life returning to normal.

Germany has been less affected than many countries and has banned football matches, concerts etc until at least the end of August. International tourism will return later than locals being permitted to attend an open air football match.

So to answer your question, no I don’t think Europe will be open for American tourists in July or August. Initially, visitors may have to quarantine for 14 days before allowed entry into Europe, but that’s just my guess - no one knows what, when etc.

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I booked a one-way, separate flight purchased through KLM to get me from Portugal back to AMS and then on home the next day (is overall a multi-city trip booked through Delta - more on that shortly). All travel dates 04-May outbound, 16-May inbound, originating and ending at MSP.

Last Thursday I received the email from KLM that that one-way flight was canceled (at five weeks out from flight); they are only offering a voucher for booking flights and is valid one year from date issued, though it can be used even if the flight takes place after the voucher expires. The original fare of this flight is about 1/10 of the RT Delta fare.

As for the Delta flights, I checked my flight status on Saturday. The original layover at AMS connecting on to Portugal was 4-hours; Saturday's review showed a schedule change and now that layover/connection time is 45 minutes. That connection is on KLM. Most flight info is missing (seats; aircraft; Flight Time). So, now it's a waiting game to see who blinks first. I have roughly two weeks to see if Delta cancels.

All lodging was canceled last month, and I don't envision any overseas travel for at least 12 months. As others have mentioned on numerous occasions elsewhere on this site, far too many unknowns and much speculation at this time to even begin to start making bookings.

Just noticed this thread is in the Netherlands travel forum.

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I really hope to be able to travel this summer but recognize it has limited likelihood. Fortunately KLM is refunding all our tickets. They did not offer a different flight but gave a choice of refund or voucher. Since voucher is only good for one year from date of cancellation (and I can only travel summers and worry, like all of you, that this summer travel might not work), I opted for refund. Still waiting for the money though....

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I'm an optimistic person and even a few weeks ago thought we could reschedule our May trip to Scotland for Sept - my hopes for that are very dim now. At least if things turn around fast, I already have it planned to perfection, so it would just be a matter of rebooking accoms and train tickets.