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Kinderdijk or Netherlands Open Air Folk Museum?

We husband and I have a half day available and want to go to Kinderdijk or to the Netherlands Open Air Folk Museum. Any suggestions on which one would be a better choice or things we should consider would be greatly appreciated!

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These attractions are of a totally different character. The Open Air Museum shows the life of a bygone era with exhibits and demonstrations. Kinderdijk is a system of 19 eighteenth-century windmills in an open landscape.
When the weather is fine, I recommend you to go to Kinderdijk. It's unique and impressive Unesco World Heritage.

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I really liked Kinderdijk, really interesting and great photo ops. I haven't been to the Folk park.

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Thank you both for your replies. On the way from Rotterdam to Arnhem, we are planning to spend 1/2 a day at the Kroller-Muller Museum in the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Since the Open Air Folk Museum is nearby and has windmills, I thought that perhaps it would be a better option for us; but if you think we would be missing a better option, we 'll take your advice and do Kinderdijk. Thanks for the advice!

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It is a nice place, the tram running around the perimeter is pleasant and everything is contained in a very pleasant way. If you want to see a variety of farmhouses, houses, other buildings and a windmill or two - I haven't looked at my souvenir guidebook from the Open Air Museum and it has been several years so my memory is foggy - that have all been moved onto the site from around the Netherlands all in one place, that fits the bill. Especially as you will be relatively close. I can't say anything about the Kroller Muller Museum because despite going past the HV park several times I have never turned in.

On the other hand, if you want to see many original large windmills in their original places as they were used in the remote countryside so you can imagine just what happened without any interference from without - the most there was the last time I was there was a donkey tied to a post - then Kinderdijk may be more for you.

Ultimately it is up to you - having been given appropriate advice - to choose.