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Keukenhof with transportation ticket

We are traveling to Keukenhof April 19. Our tickets include transportation and it states “time of departure bus 8:00.” Here is my question. This is public transportation. So when we are in line to board at 8:00 (we will get there early), will we get to board before others who are just purchasing a bus ticket? In other words, are there two lines, one for those who have prepurchased transport and one for others? Or are we in line with everyone else? How will we be sure to get a seat if everyone is boarded at once? Just making sure I understand. I appreciate your help.

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From what I understand, these are dedicated buses and you can board anytime after your time slot, so just get in line and board the next available bus ... anyone without a ticket who just shows up has to purchase a seat in the next available time slot ... I might see you in line, I'm going on 4/19 also from Schiphol (hoping and praying for good weather) ...

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Yes the buses depart as they fill up. You are in line with everyone else. There is no standing on the bus. It is organized. I have been twice; going at 8 am is ok but around 10 it can get crowded
The best time to visit is closer to closing after 3 if you don't want to see people in your photos of the flowers and if you want to find space to sit down to take it in a little more peacefully as you stroll through it

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Last year when I was there, I left on one of the first buses (I actually had the Amsterdam region transport pass, which worked just fine, with a separate entry ticket for the park) and was there shortly after they opened at 9:00. Very few people in my pictures for about the first 2 hours -- even so, the people are not standing 'in' the flower gardens themselves, so you can get plenty of pretty flower pictures even if there are a lot of people in the park.

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Are you boarding the bus at the airport? Those buses are dedicated buses to Keukenhof. There is a roped off maze line for the bus. There will be personnel there to check your bus ticket. You present your garden ticket once you arrive. As I remember, there is a 30 minute leeway from the stated departure time. Ours was for 10:00 am. We could have boarded as late as 10:30. We arrived at 9:30. They let us onto an earlier bus. If the bus fills up, you get on the next one.
There is one line. Those without bus tickets purchase it there from the bus personnel before getting into the bus line. Once in line, you board the bus in order of your position in the line. Its not like getting on a ski lift in europe. Its very organized. If the bus fills, you get on the next one. No worries