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Keukenhof will not open on March 20, 2021

Due to the current lockdown in The Netherlands, Keukenhof will not open on March 20, 2021, as scheduled. They are hoping to open later in the Spring, but at this time, they have no idea if that will be possible. Like other parts of the continent, The Netherlands has had a spike in the number of COVID cases these past two weeks, despite being in lockdown and under curfew. Last year, the Keukenhof park was not able to open for the season.

Elections are this week - no doubt, the handling of the pandemic will be the prime issue.

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Last year they offered it virtually. From the comment of the link, looks like they may be scrambling to offer it again in some way.

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That’s too bad they couldn’t open only the outdoor parts with restrictions. I would think their greatest concern would have been people traveling from out of the immediate area and mixing.

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It’s more of a surprise that they haven’t postponed/ cancelled it earlier. I usually attend an outdoor event in the U.K. in mid August and this was cancelled a couple of weeks ago for the second consecutive year.

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This makes me want to include Keukenhof on a Spring 2022 trip.

Thanks for the update, Ron.

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This year they were slated to be open through May 9... so there's still some hope the park may be able to operate with a minimal level of visitors. As the NL was the last country in Europe to start vaccinations - we still have no idea when we will be eligible - it appears Keukenhof will probably not open due to COVID circumstances.