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Keukenhof Combi Tickets...

I thought all seemed rather straightforward but now I am not quite sure and need some help. I went online to Keukenhof's website and purchased combi tickets. I chose tickets departing from Amsterdam Centraal by train to Schiphol Plaza to pick up bus 858 for the gardens and return. I read that Keukenhof tickets are good for any day the gardens are open and am planning to go either May 4, 5, or 6, depending on the weather. However when I purchased my combi tickets I had to choose a specific departure date from the train station in order to complete the purchase and I chose May 4. Even though the ticket specifically states that it is for May 4 can it be changed for a later date - in my case either to May 5 or 6?

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There are two steps in this proces.
Step1: choosing the combi ticket and paying for it. At that point you receive the entrance and bus ticket. It is not necessary to fill in a date. It will be valid until Keukenhof closes. You will also receive a code and a link for the train ticket.

Step2: redeeming the code for the train ticket. When you do this you have to fill in the actual date of travel as well as your name and dob.

Step 1 and 2 do not have to be done on the same day. Step 2 can even be done last minute, as long as you can print the train ticket.

As you have done step 2 and chosen May 4th, that will be the only day the train ticket will be valid.

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Thanks, Floris! I thought that might be the case. Oh well, looks like I will be heading to the gardens on May 4.