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Keukenhof - best viewing time

Would it be better to tour the fields and gardens during the afternoon light or during the morning light. We will be there and planning to do the Keukenhof between April 19-22. Thanks!

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Chances are best it will be overcast and you won't see the sun at all. Which is fine for taking photos of that rich color.

If the weather is sunny, and you got there at 8:00, you'd better hurry up and take pics before the shadows create too much contrast. But if you decided to close the place down, you'd have plenty of time to set up your shots as the sun settled again.

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Light doesn'time matter because the weather will likely be grey anyway. More important are the crowds, which grow steadily throughout the day. Go as early as possible in the morning.

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The Gardens are open late until 7:30pm (last admission 6pm) so if you arrive after 4pm you will have the place to yourself.

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The best strategy may be to check the weather forecast for the weekdays after you arrive in Amsterdam. The weather and sun on your visit day are more important than the exact sun height. The fields are (those seen from inside Keukenhof) wide and unshaded by trees. The gardens are laid out like any high-class public garden, with trees, water features, huge bulb beds, snack bars, and so on. The real issue is crowds. We didn't stay into the evening, so I have no information on it being quieter then. Depending on the intensity of your interest, you could easily spend a full half-day here. I seem to remember that we came early enough in the season that the beer taps were not set up outdoors yet! There is a lot of walking on the 79 acres (number from Wikipedia.)

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Thank you all for replying so quickly. Now I wont worry it is a bit overcast. Will go early or late. Thanks again! Love the travel forum!