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Keukenhof, Again + Airport Shuttle Question

I've pretty much decided that doing it on my own is best since I like to come and go as I please, hoping someone can confirm what I've figured out from the Keukenhof website--I am thinking to buy the Combi ticket for 29 euro which covers bus 197 (airport express, stops at Rijksmuseum which is 5 minutes from my hotel) to Schiphol to catch bus 858 to Keukenhof. I would probably be heading out in the late morning, 10 or so, either Sunday or Monday. Is it around 30 minutes by bus to Schiphol, then 45 minutes to Keukenhof?

As I was reading about bus 197 it occurred to me that I could take that from the airport to my hotel, wondering how crowded and/or aggravating that is? Just me and a rolling suitcase arriving 10 am on a Thursday. I am also considering the Schiphol Hotel Shuttle, roundtrip is 27 euro--amyone have any experience with that option?

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Thank you for the insight re getting to Keukenhof, I'm prepared for the bus(es) to be full and to have to wait for another, might try to get an early start that day but it sounds like there'll be crowds no matter when I go. Going on a tour bus was tempting, but I hate the idea of paying about 50 euro vs 29 for the Combi ticket, also having to worry about being back at the bus by a certain time, plus there's always the weather factor.