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Is this a different place from Rotterdam

I have to go on a business trip to the following address: Access World (Rotterdam) B.v. , Nieuwesluisweg 100, port 5020, 3197 KV Rotterdam.
I'm looking at the map and it seems to me that this place is far away from Rotterdam and I'm not sure that in fact it is situated in Rotterdam. It seems to me that this is a small village next to Rotterdam.
The problem is that I will travel by plane and I'm looking for a transport to this place.
Does anybody knows where is this place and how can I get to it?

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It's in the middle of Europoort, which is the humongous port and industrial area occupying reclaimed land in the middle of the Rhine, downstream of Rotterdam all the way to the North Sea.
See map here:

This is legally all part of Rotterdam city, so yes it is "in Rotterdam". There is water on both sides, separating the refineries, docks, factories etc. from the villages on the other site of the water. It is ugly, nobody lives there and the Dutch have confined the ugliness to these artificial islands, and the villages on the other side of the water are very nice.

Getting there is not easy. No Public Transport (nobody lives there). The only links to the "mainland" are bridges.
Where are you landing? Amsterdam or Rotterdam. If Amsterdam, get a train direct from the airport to Rotterdam. From Rotterdam (station or airport), you either need a hire car, or a taxi.
You will need to find a hotel, in one of the nice villages over the water, and use hire car or taxi to get there.

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It's about an hour away from Rotterdam Central station by public transport.
First you have to take the metro to Spijkenisse Centrum. Then take bus 105 or 115 (direction Rozenburg). After about 15 minutes, get out at bus stop Welplaatweg. From there it's a relatively short walk (10 minutes) to your destination.

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Thanks Michel,

If we get a hotel in Rotterdam, what do you think, how much money should we pay for it?