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Is there an authorized cuckoo clock store in Volendam, Netherlands?

I read in a travel blog that there is a cuckoo clock retail store in Volendam, Netherlands. Can anyone confirm this or know the name of the store?

Sadly, we had to cancel a Rhine River Cruise and shore excursions because of my husband's health. We were so looking forward to the Black Forest cuckoo clock trip in Germany to buy a cuckoo clock. We can, however, fly directly to Amsterdam and drive to outlying cities and towns. That's when I read on-line about a shop in Volendam that sells cuckoo clocks. I know we can buy a cuckoo clock on-line, but we would really like to purchase one in the Netherlands! It means a lot to us.

If anyone knows of this store, please let me know and thank you!


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You can buy them in Chicago at 332 S Michigan Ave at the The Bavarian Clockworks.

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You can buy certified Black Forest clocks in Frankenmuth, Michigan too:

Not saying you have to buy online, although you could, but Illinois or Michigan shops are probably easier and less expensive to get to! I'm also not finding anything on a clock shop in Volendam other than a brief mention from a 2015 review of the town on Trip Advisor.

Funny, I've always associated these clocks with Germany and Switzerland but not the Netherlands.