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Is it necessary to arrive early for a pre-purchased timed ticket to Anne Frank House?

I plan to purchase our tickets to Anne Frank Huis for September in the next day or so when they go on sale. I read somewhere that even with timed tickets to arrive 30-45 minutes early. Is that necessary. Couldn't we just get there about 10-15 minutes ahead and be OK. We are in Amsterdam such a short time I just don't want to waste time just hanging around.

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I showed up literally at my appointed time and walked right in the side entrance. This was in 2015; I don't know if they have changed procedures since then.

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I'm 99% sure there were instructions on the email that we got when we purchased our ticket. I think the arrive early was due to security when you first get in? But I might be wrong. We arrived 15 mins or so early, but that was a couple years ago. You go through an entirely separate door than the main entrance and it's quite easy to do.

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I visited in April and arrived with about 15 minutes to spare, got a few pics of the outside of the huis and then got into the line for my timed entry.

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We visited May 30 and arrived at 1:00 for our 1:30 reservation time like the confirmation mentioned. There was still a short line of people waiting to go inside that had a reservation prior to 1:30 so we were told not to get in line yet. It was probably 1:15 before we were allowed to get in line so 10-15 minutes ahead should be enough time.