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Indonesian restaurant recommendations

I will be visiting the Netherlands in April next year staying in Utrecht and Amsterdam and visiting some of the smaller towns.
I visited Amsterdam in 1980 and can recall a couple of good Indonesian meals including a rijstafel. As I will be travelling solo the latter is probably beyond my appetite now. Any recommendations for places to visit in either of the two cities?

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Blauw has restaurants in both Amsterdam and Utrecht.
Sama Sebo near the Rijks in Amsterdam is also very good

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First and foremost my family lives in Utrecht, born and raised in-law. I love the town, Saturday market, shopping then dining along the old canal. Tivoli Vredenburg concert hall has great music. My favorite museum is Speelklok musical museum with automatically playing instruments from small music boxes to street organ grinder/ barrel organs, and if your lucky you’ll hear the family that brings theirs into town on Saturday. My favorite ice cream parlor is Il Mulino on Adelaarstraat 4 right along the old canal. The train station is very central so getting around the Netherlands is easy. You’ll need an OV chip card for all public transportation. April 27 is Kings Day, the National Holiday to celebrate the kings birthday, the party starts in Utrecht on April 26th. Carnivals, bands, people allowed to sells their stuff on the street and it’s all over town. In Amsterdam my favorite museum is Van Gogh if I have to choose 1. I love to walk around the ring canals, boat tours, poffertjes, stroopwaffels, cheese, chocolate. Smaller cities Delft, Gouda, Haarlem, Den Hague, Scheveningen beach, in no particular order. Of course a visit to Keukenhof Gardens is a must in April for the tulips, daffodils, hyacinths just beautiful.

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Pab, thanks for the info about Utrecht. I am planning to visit Den Hag, Haarlem, and probably Rotterdam as well. I visited Delft when I was in the NL before but have been nowhere else in the NL. The cheese towns sound interesting so that they can go on my list of possibilities. I have visited the Van Gogh museum, the Anne Frank House, and the Riksmuseum which I would like to see again.
Amsterdam is a great city to walk around and take in the views. Looking forward to seeing it again