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Immigration/passport time?

Hi, if leaving (in mid-April) from Amsterdam-to- Frankfort, Germany, then connecting (same airline) for a flight from Frankfort to USA, how long should one allow for customs/passport inspection? (No checked bags...) Is an hour enough? Too little? Please advise, thank you!! Karen

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I'd not be comfortable with an hour either going or coming. I like the Amsterdam airport as it's pretty organized and easy to find your way around but it's big. I'd want 2-3 hours coming in from the US to transit to your flight to Frankfurt. I'd want 2 on the way back home. I'm very risk averse. If you have any weather delays coming out of Dallas you'll have no cushion for your flight from AMS.

Coming in from the US you'll go thru Passport Control in Amsterdam to enter the Schengen Zone. When you leave you will go thru exit passport control to leave the Schengen Zone.

If you are booking all on one ticket with your airline then if you miss your flight to Frankfurt your airline with put you on the next flight with vacancies. I'm assuming you are coming from the US so your flight will land in the AM so you'd have all day to get to Frankfurt. It's a different matter if you are arriving late in the day and are missing the last flight.

I hope you are not using a 3rd party online travel agency for a ticket. This may not protect you if there is a delay.

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Seems like we rarely hear from the people who don't make their connection. I'll bet they are a bunch but many just want to forget the unpleasant/stressful experience.

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Thanks Pam and Kent for your replies and info. We would be flying FROM Amsterdam into Frankfurt, and from there back to USA....same airline. I agree, more than an hour would be safer for sure!

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Is it all one booking or is it two bookings with the same airline?