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Ideas for 4 day road trip Amsterdam to Copenhagen

We are driving from Amsterdam to Copenhagen May 20-24. We will have already seen Amsterdam and will see Copenhagen when we get there. We are looking for must do and interesting stops and sights along the way. We are quite comfortable driving in Europe. We love off the beaten path experiences and things that make us feel like we got a more local feel for the land and the people and less hustle and bustle tourism. That being said, if there is a cliche’ tourist spot we don’t mind doing it for fun. We are physically active, love history and nature. We are not food driven but enjoy beer and wine experiences. What experiences would you recommend along the way since we do have 4 days to make the approximately 1000 km journey depending on the route chosen. Recommendations for B&B type places to stay are welcome as well. Hotels are for business travelers and hostels for the backpacking younger set. We prefer the in between, including homestay hosted.

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You might think that four days is plenty of time, but there are many interesting places along that route, that could keep you occupied for weeks if you chose to. Just keep that in mind.
My expertise is north of Hamburg, so I will only comment on that area. Here you need to make a choice of route trough Denmark. Either go up trough the Jutland peninsula and across the bridges between Jutland, Funen and Zealand, or the slow route via the ferry between Als and Funen (Fynshav-Bøjden) and across the bridge to Zealand or take the ferry between Puttgarden and Gedser.
On the first and second route, I'd recommend a stop in Schelswig,_Schleswig-Holstein , to check out the remnants and museum of the viking town Hedeby, the Cathedral and pleasant old town and maybe Gottorf Castle.
If you continue north trough the Jutland penisnula, you could take a detour west to the town of Ribe, Denmarks oldest town, and the wetlands of the Wadden Sea National Park. A stop in Odense on Funen might be a thing if you are into Hans Christian Andersen.

If you take the second route via the Fynshav-Bøjden ferry, you can follow the country roads on the pretty island of Funen and pass right by Egeskov Castle it's a magnificent renaissance water castle, though a bit theme park ish. Cross the Great Belt Bridge to Zealand and if you are into more viking stuff, check out the Trelleborg ring fort and museum near Slagelse

If you choose the Puttgarden-Gedser route, the city of Lübeck is a must see, albeit a bit touristy, but worth while in my opinion. For a bit of natural wonder, you can take a detour to the beautiful white cliffs of Møns Klint on the Island of Møn. You should also check out one of the churches decorated by the unknown 16th century artist the Elmelunde Master the frescos are like the medieval cartoon illustrations of the bible.

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I forgot to mention one thing. Since you are into beer and if you decide to take route option two across the Island of Funen (Fyn) you should check out the small brewery in Refsvindinge the website is only in Danish, but you can find the address there. It's not your typical brewery, but basically just a brewery in a barn on a farm house. The brewer, John, also has a large model train and his motorcycles in the barn, so it's an awesome man cave as well. You can just pop by and buy a case or two of beers straight from the pallets in the barn. The most famous and popular beer is the Ale no. 16, but there are many other experiments, some better than others.