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I'm renting an electric car for a week Help!!

The wife wants to ride in an electric car in the Netherlands. We are doing a 7 day trip in late april. Want to base around laiden or haarlem. Any tips on charging stations or hotel, b&b with plugin stations. If you have rented an EV in the Netherlands any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I wouldn't do it. I drive an EV (Leaf) in the US with a range of about 120 miles. It is a great urban car but we are always being very careful about the travel schedule. I use a US app that ids all recharging stations and a special credit card for those stations (a regular credit card doesn't work) but we are still very careful. Finding a hotel with a recharging station could be risky. Even in the US high voltage recharge stations are few and far between. 220s are frequent but very slow. Do you know what cars (models) are available for rent.?

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If there are electric cars for rent, I suspect whatever agency is renting them has a list of charging locations( assuming such a list exists) I would ask the rental agency.

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Dear Robert,

There are plenty of (super)charging stations in the Netherlands (more than 30.000 public chargers). Almost every hotel with their own parking space has at least one station. In about every public parking garage you can charge your car and along highways there's plenty of choice at the fuel stations.

Furthermore, the Netherlands is rather small compared to the USA: east to west is +/- 200km/130miles and north to south +/- 370km/230mls.

I wouldn't be worried :-)

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There were numerous charging stations in Amsterdam even 5 years ago - I can only expect more. I did a quick google search, and there seems to be apps and web resources for locations and registered outlets. I would be inclined to look there for accommodations, or short list accommodations and look for charging stations near by.

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Be sure that if you plan on charging overnight that the charger will be compatible with your car. There are several configurations, and both high speed and trickle chargers; and Teslas require something quite different to others.

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On my block, on the Herengracht (Amsterdam), from my window, I can see 3 charging stations. I believe parking is free, but there is a fee for charging. There are LOTS of electrical cars here in the NL, all shapes and models everything from Smart Cars to BMWs and Teslas. The charging stations are designated for electric cars only. It looks like one has a better chance of getting a parking place. Again, my observations from my window seat.