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I have a question about using credit card

So I was shopping at ams international airport and when I'm done paying using my credit card which is signed on the back, the merchant asked me for my passport and wrote down my passport number and nationality on the receipt. He said for verification. Is this normal ? is this legal ? should I be concerned ? never happened to me before. what should I do ?

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what is sketchy was it the duty free I know they usually check there because only people flying can shop there. if you are worried request a new credit card

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Not to worry. It’s happened to me too. Better than having your card stolen and used by someone else who was not asked for ID.

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I have been asked for passport and boarding pass in the duty free but never id for the credit card.
In the US retailers can ask for id when using a credit card, but with Visa and MasterCard you are not required to provide it. In California they cannot even ask your zip code.
I do not know what the law is in your case. Checking id really doesn't do much, writing down the info doesn't do anything.
I would not be concerned and my opinion is there is nothing you should do.

Add: they did write down my passport number in the food market past security in CDG. I paid cash and they wrote down passport and looked at my boarding pass.

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More explanation for your benefit.

In most major Airports, once you are past the Security zone, many businesses that sell goods that you will actually take with you to your destination (Clothes, electronics, gifts, etc., but not a meal or drink) are "duty free" indicating that they do not charge local or National taxes.

To be exempt from charging these taxes, they need to document proof usually that you are not a citizen and/or that your immediate destination is outside the country. Your passport (proof of citizenship) and your boarding pass (proof that your are leaving the country) satisfy this need.

Not a scam, they were doing nothing devious, just normal operating procedure.