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I Amsterdam card vs. Museumkaart

I will be in Amsterdam for 5 1/2 days and am trying to decide between the I Amsterdam card and the Museumkaart. I would also buy a 5 day transportation pass if I did the Museumkaat and would consider a 2 day plus a Three day I ansterdam card. I have already bought timed tickets for Anne Frank. Looking for pros and cons for each. Also I need to know which canal cruise line I have to go to for the free cruise included on the I amsterdam card. I can't seem to find that info anywhere. Is it for a 1 hour cruise on any line? Any help would be appreciated.

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We were in Amsterdam this past July for 9 days. Our hotel was outside of the city so we decided on the museumkart and 2 transport cards (4 and 5 days) since we knew we needed to train it to and from the hotel. With the museumkart and our timed Anne Frank we sailed right in. We also made timed reservations for Van Gogh museum and with our card sailed right past everyone else. Even those with museumkarts and Iamsterdam cards. No extra charge. After research I decided the museumkart was a better value for us. We stopped in museums we would have passed by. The only museum we had to pay extra was the Stedeljk Museum, 5€. Some charged extra for audio, some didn't. since the museumkart is good for one year, I gave them to my sister as she was going to Amsterdam in August. There is no limit on the number of times it can be used at any museum. Hope this helps. Barbara

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Can not remember all the pros and cons but I did the math and the Museumkaart was a better value for me- 3 day trip and I will actually be returning in less than a year so can use it again.

If you have RS Amsterdam guide there is a pretty good comparison of the 2 cards in there. Make a list of places you know you will use it and do the math!

Blue Boat company is the cruise included on iAmsterdam card

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In addition the to Museumkaart being good for a year, it's also good for museums in the whole country. Even if you're just taking a daytrip, that could tip the scales in its favor.