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I Amsterdam Card

What is the I Amsterdam Card? How do I get one? Is it a physical card or an app on my phone once I purchase?
Who has purchased it & is it worth buying?
Does it include the public transportation?
Popular Museums ?


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Thank you, but I’ve been to the website & it looks like there are many benefits. However, who had ordered a card, and is it worth it?

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Berry, I included the link as the website answers all of your questions, including the museums it covers, with the exception of who has purchased and did they find it worth the price. Hopefully someone can chime in with that!

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Since you are w Rick Steve’s travel team, Can you tell me if American visitors will need daily Covid testing?
I’ve been trying to read everything on the subject, but I’m finding it confusing.
Thank you

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Whether it is worth it will depend on what places you want to go in Amsterdam, which ones are covered, and how many of them you can squeeze into the validity period of the card. The value will vary from person to person.

Although I skip a lot of sights others consider essential, I spend more time in the museums I choose to visit than the average traveler, so I've found it's very difficult for me to get close to breaking even on an expensive, big-city card. And it's easy to waste precious time zigzagging around the city, hitting places covered by the card and skipping over nearby spots I'm interested in that aren't covered or are free, meaning I have to go back to them later. But travelers who like to take a quick look at a lot of museums or other attractions can save some money if they're willing to be diligent about focusing on covered sights.

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Since you are w Rick Steve’s travel team

Actually that's not right. A common misconception. We are all fellow travellers just like you, none of us works for Rick Steves. Occasionally one of his employees wanders through and posts, but not often. When that happens you will see the star next our name (some folks don't have them yet) changes to a round blue RS logo to identify them. If we don't have one of those round logos we are not the company.

Rick Steves very generously gave many years ago a playground for us to chat among ourselves and answer travel questions based on our often comprehensive travel knowledge. That's why so many people chime in - there is a lot of knowledge and quite a few opinions among us.

By reading through everything there is lots to glean.

The link that Kathy provided does answer your questions about what the card is, the form it comes in, how you get one, if it it includes transportation, how much it costs and which museums are included.

The only thing missing is if it is worth it. As as always the case with this sort of card it will include lots of minor attractions that you may not actually have any interest in. What you need to do is look up the webpages for each attraction you are definitely going to want to visit, check their covid rules about pre-reservation and what they are doing during the current lockdown or whenever you plan to visit (do you know?) and how much a ticket in advance costs, and do this for all of them, then add it all up and see if it is more or less expensive than the card you are looking at.

In these days it is almost certain that the main attractions will require you to make reservations ahead anyway, even with the card.

I have visited Amsterdam many times and never wanted to buy the card. I prefer to go at my own speed, and go where I want to go, not have to race around to get my money's worth. Everybody is different.

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How nice of you to respond in such great detail. I appreciate & understand what you’re saying.

I’m arriving by Delta operated by KLM on Tuesday, 23 Nov & connecting to a flight to Basel, for a Rhine Rive Cruise.
I had planned to stay in Amsterdam for 4 nights beginning on 7 Dec before flying back to Washington DC. I know we have to be tested before coming back, but where is the best place to test? At the airport? Is there an inexpensive place to test in Amsterdam?
I’m wondering if I should go to Belgium instead of staying in the Netherlands. Do u know if Belgium has adopted the strict restrictions on tourists? Is it an easy trip by train to Brussels?

Thank you for you response in advance!

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As usual, more eloquently stated by Nigel than I could have. :O)
Yep, we're all cheerfully hanging out together in the RS sandbox here.

Berry, I might suggest asking your question about Belgium on the forum for that country? As it doesn't pertain to the topic (tourist card for Amsterdam) people with answers may not see it here. But aren't you leaving the U.S. for your cruise early this week? Are you able to fully cancel your Amsterdam bookings without penalty?

I am reading that COVID rates in Belgium are rising quickly, and they are tightening restrictions. Just one source: