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I Amsterdam Card

I asked this in the General Europe two along with a purchase in another country. Wasn't sure which place would be best, so I apologize to those of you who recognize this quesiton :)

Is it better to purchase the I AMsterdam Card in advance, or when we arrive?


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Discounts are available with on line purchase.
Make certain the card or pass you select is right for you.
I bought an IAmsterdam Card (72 hour) and it served me very well.

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I ordered the card on line and had it sent to my home in the US so I can book the Van Gogh museum in advance. I was charge $39.99 delivery charge. I hope I can book it before we arrive. I read that it is sometimes sold out.

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There is no longer a need to have the physical iAmsterdam card or card number when booking tickets at VGM. during the ordering proces it no longer asks for the number. You can just book your tickets.

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My wife and I were recently at the Van Gogh Museum and went to the front of the line with a Museumkaart. The museum was totally sold out except for people with a pass card. I don't know if the I Amsterdam Card lets you jump the line. If it does, there's no reason to make reservations.

I wasn't wowed by the Van Gogh Museum. I liked the Kroller-Muller Museum's Van Gogh collection and presentation more. It was also not very crowded. The Amsterdam VG Museum was packed.

As with all passes, you have to do the math. The I Amsterdam Card doesn't cover the RIjksmuseum or Anne Frank House. The Museumkaart does but it doesn't cover any transportation. We used the buses, trams and metro a lot. We had a TripKey Pass and went all over The Netherlands over a little over 2 weeks. Plan your sightseeing and realize you can save valuable time with a tram for a few euros a day.