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I accidentally purchased online tickets for Anne Frank's house for the wrong day

I accidentally purchased tickets for Anne Frank's house for the wrong day, I realize that they are nonrefundable, but are they nontransferable, i.e. can I sell them to other's who are interested in going but don't have tickets?

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Oh I so feel your pain.. I did that once with Eiffel Tower tickets.. lol - I ended up giving them away to someone on another forum. And get this, I ended up buying Eiffel Tower tickets for another day from a forum member for the correct dates ( she had them on another forum where you were allowed to post such things.. , many travel forums wont allow you to use them for such deals)

I can tell you this.. as I have been to Ann Franks house.. they do not look at the name on the ticket or ask for ID.. ( btw .. they dont for the ET either.. I know, as I had a mans ticket.. lol)

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I did this same thing when purchasing tickets for the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Despite the tickets being "non-transferable," I called their main offices immediately after I purchased the incorrect tickets and explained my mistake.

They were happy to transfer my tickets to the correct date, no questions asked. They saved me $30 by doing that!

You can always call, explain what happened and ask if they can pretty please transfer your tickets. The worst they're going to do is say no.

The important thing is to approach the phone call expecting nothing and be pleasantly surprised if they decide to acquiesce your request!

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Sadly most of us have made a mistake like that at some point. I booked round trip international airfare mistakenly for the next day and passport was locked in the safe box at the bank the Friday evening before my 6am flight the next morning...booked airfare for my entire family. $$$ down the tube!

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This is from the Anne Frank House website:
"The resale of entrance tickets is not permitted without the prior permission of the Anne Frank House. The potential visitor may be denied access to the museum complex if it turns out that the entrance ticket, discount card or voucher has not been directly acquired from the Anne Frank House or an organisation authorised for this purpose by the Anne Frank House."

Here's the website: