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How to get to Amsterdam airport

Can anyone tell me the best option getting from Amsterdam city to the airport and then from Venice airport Into venice city. Are their airport buses or are taxis the way to go

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Train station in Amsterdam airport with trains every few minutes from Amsterdam Centraal.

If you are elsewhere there may well be a different option for you. Amsterdam "city" is quite a large place. Exactly where will you be leaving from?

Where in Venice? Where will give an answer for your circumstances rather than a generic one.

Generally the choices are -

water taxi nearly door to door - most expensive, most exclusive, perhaps fastest

land bus to Venice then walk or use a water bus, called a vaporetto, and then walk - cheapest, nearly fastest, for many locations you get a ride down the Grand Canal as part of the journey

water bus from the airport, a private company called Alilaguna, which takes you across the lagoon to a stop relatively close to your destination from where you can walk or use a vaporetto to get to your destination - moderately expensive, slowest, riding the Alilaguna boat isn't much fun with fumes in the cabin, small windows often salt encrusted so visibility is poor and you are down low

Again, if you share where you want to go we can help with more precise answers.

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From Amsterdam to Schiphol airport: frequent train from station Amsterdam Centraal. (Mind that most trains do not have Schiphol as a final destination.)
From Marco Polo airport to Venice: frequent bus to Piazzale Roma, near the railway station.

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Thanks Nigel and tonfromleiden
I don't have accommodation yet. I thought I'd find out where easy transport left from and get a hotel there. So judging by your answers there'll be a few options. I'll look for a hotel first. Was a but scared in case I picked a difficult place to get to. Not quite aware how big the city is

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Neither Amsterdam or Venice is difficult to get to from the airport. Between the two, however, Amsterdam is easier. One direct, quick train from airport to city center. In Venice we did the bus and then water taxi as mentioned above.

Also neither city is that big, so no worries there. Nothing like London or Paris.

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Which doesnt mean you should stay near the train station in AMS! There are trams waiting outside the train station to take you further into the city, and to where its much more charming than the center by the station. Very easy

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I stayed in the Museumplein area of Amsterdam--really loved it, close to the Vondelpark, museums, shopping and great restaurants, yet not overly crowded with tourists, trams and buses right there--and took the airport express bus #397 from Schiphol, let me off about 2 blocks from my hotel. There are 6 per hour and it's about a 30 minute scenic ride to the center of town, Leidseplein. 6 euro one way or 10 roundtrip.

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For transport in to Venice from the airport, I've taken the Alilaguna water shuttle. It took about an hour but are on the water and it's cool, lol! There are private water taxis as well but the Alilaguna had a drop off right near my hotel so that worked just fine for me.

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Thankyou fredandkell, Jessica, christa & Pam. Feeling like I know a bit more now than I did. I guess it's just the unknown that scares me (not very well travelled here, and Im WAY out if my comfort zone lol )
I'll print that Alilaguna map too thanks
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