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Houseboat Rental

I have come across a website that has houseboat rental accommodations in Amsterdam. The one that I'm interested in is in Jordaan
near the Anne Frank Museum, on Keizergracht. Has anyone ever rented a houseboat or heard of anyone who has? The boat looks
amazing and the reviews on the website are really good. The location sounds good but I've never been to Amsterdam so I'm a little worried about booking without a recommendation from you good folks.
Thanks, Dona

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The Jordaan is a great area to stay in - whether you choose a houseboat, apartment or a hotel. Plenty of amenities within walking distance (grocers, restaurants, cafes, boutiques and self-serve or drop-off laundromats if the houseboat doesn't have a washer/dryer). If you have the name of the boat or the company renting it, I'd suggest looking on multiple websites for reviews, not just the website of the boat, so you can try to find as many unbiased reviews as you can before booking something. Also, watch the photos. I looked into houseboat rentals in Amsterdam on Airbnb, but I know that when their photos are "verified", that means Airbnb had someone go out to vet the place and take the photos and they tend to use a wide angle lens so the place generally looks bigger than it really is in the photos. Expect it to be smaller than pictured and if it's not, you will be pleasantly surprised. Sorry I can't recommend a boat rental for you, in the end I decided it was a bit beyond what I wanted to spend for lodging even though its got to be way more interesting to stay on a boat than in a hotel or apartment. Also, I am a really light sleeper and was concerned about the noise from other boats cruising down the canals, cars, motorcycles, and night time partiers - the streets are so narrow and the boats are moored within ear shot of a lot of that. Even if you aren't a light sleeper, pack some ear plugs just in case.