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Hotels in Amsterdam for 3 adults in 1 room?

Hello! I'm planning a trip to Amsterdam for my mom, aunt and myself in mid-April. While I know it would be nice to have 2 separate rooms, it's a bit more practical for our travel budget to share a room. (We would rather have more money for activities!) Any suggestions of rooms with perhaps a double bed and twin, or 2 doubles?

Thanks! Any sightseeing suggestions are also appreciated. :)

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We were in Amsterdam the week before Christmas and stayed in Lilly's Canal View Apartments. This apartment was right on a canal within walking distance of everything. It had a pull out bed in the living room and a double be in a separate bedroom. I do have to say that if there are any issues with climbing stairs, then this is not the appartment for you. We were on the 2nd floor and the stairs were quite steep and narrow. Once we got our suitcases up, it wasn't really a problem. Lots of handrails to grap going up and down. The rental agent met us when we arrived and was very nice.

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The Quentin Arrive Hotel has triple rooms. Not sure what your budget is but take a look at their website:

How long will you be in Amsterdam? Take a look at a few different guidebooks to find out what you're interested in seeing. The Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Anne Frankhuis are high on the list; the Red-light District is something to see; Chinatown is interesting; I also recommend the Dutch Resistance Museum. I haven't seen this yet but will on my next visit: there's a 17th-century Catholic church called the Church of Our Lord in the Attic which is "hidden" in a normal-looking house. Catholics weren't allowed to openly practice at that time but were allowed to do it in secret. It's a fascinating glimpse into the city's history of religious tolerance. And of course exploring the city on foot and walking along the canals is a must-do, in my opinion.

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We will be in Amsterdam for 2-3 nights. All of your sightseeing suggestions are on my list, thanks!!!

My mom and aunt could probably handle some stairs (if I carried their bags up for them!)

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"While I know it would be nice to have 2 separate rooms, it's a bit more practical for our travel budget to share a room."

I don't have any specific suggestions, but just so you're aware. Rooms in Europe are generally priced per person. Knowing how small Amsterdam hotel rooms tend to be, it may very well be cheaper to get a single and double room, rather than one that holds three people.